How to Enrich Your Home’s Decor

A home’s decor and the atmosphere it helps to create speak volumes about the people who live within it. You want the theme in your home to accurately reflect your individual sense of style as well as promote a warm, inviting feeling for visiting friends and family. Doing so doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you follow a few simple decor tips straight from interior decorating professionals.

Emphasize the Positive
One of the basics of successful interior decorating is learning how to rely on and play up your home’s inherent positive features. If your dining room, for example, features beautifully crafted architecture in the form of high ceilings and crown moulding, take advantage of these details by placing tall, framed paintings that draw the eye upward. Use long, flowing drapes and other window dressings that reach from near the ceiling all the way to the floor. This technique is extremely useful and easy to implement with the right tools.

Take Advantage of Natural Light
Nothing opens up a room like natural light from a window, glass pane door or a skylight. If a room seems too closed in and lacks a source of light from outside, bring in a few high floor lamps with soft white bulbs, placing them in corners that are easy to access. In cases in which only one window is the primary source of light in a room, a large mirror opposite the window can help reflect sunlight and spread it throughout the space effectively.

Don’t Underestimate Your Furnishings
A simple sofa, chaise lounge or love seat can quickly become one of the central focuses within a den or entryway when accessorized with the right throw and pillows. Fashionable scatter pillows are available in an endless variety of colours, sizes, shapes and styles, making them a versatile decorating element that fits any decor scheme. Experts suggest purchasing multiple sizes and shapes in complementary colours, preferably in an odd number. Along with plush throw blankets tossed casually over one end of the piece, scatter pillows can bring a sense of comfort, warmth and cohesiveness to an entire room in moments.