How to Decorate and Accessorise Your Home

Trendy, elegant or homespun, accessories infuse a home with style and personality. From the colours of scatter cushions to the artwork on the walls to items displayed on a mantle, the decorative elements chosen to accessorise a home tell a good deal about the people who live there. What the you enjoy, where you have been, in essence, all that you value is what gives a home character and personal charm. Moreover, accessories can transform a home quite easily from bland to dazzling. This is why accessories that have personal appeal along with those that represent aspects of the your life have the greatest decorating impact.

Keep it in the family
When accessorizing a home, treasured family items impart warmth, beauty and incomparable style, making them an easy place to begin. Heirloom pieces, family photos and hard-earned trophies, for instance, are among the cherished items that make wonderful displays in the home, celebrating family heritage and accomplishments while adding a very personal and endearing touch.

Express yourself
For an additional layer of individuality, let a home’s accessories reflect some of the pursuits that hold special meaning for the family as well. Are family members adventurous travellers? Maybe they have a collective hobby. Or perhaps they are sports enthusiasts. Integrating family activities into a home’s décor through cultural souvenirs, handicrafts, musical instruments or other reflections of pursuits the family values are creative and attractive ways to accessorise a home.

Dress it up
Additionally, a few well-chosen purchases can make a lovely difference. Scatter cushions, tabletop accessories and wall décor have transformative abilities in a room. Case in point, scatter cushions in colours and patterns that coordinate rather than match with the room’s overall décor can have a striking effect. In a print, plaid or stripe, scatter cushions add an element of surprise to a room filled with solid colours while grouping cushions in contrasting solid colours rather than groupings of a single colour offers a sophisticated approach to accessorizing.

Colour and Shape
Likewise, colour makes a dynamic contribution through tabletop accessories and wall art as well, enlivening a room with favourite hues. The artistic themes of these decorative elements can inject flair by expressing the family’s culture, spiritual beliefs and stylistic preferences. Very subjective choices, they can blend beautifully with a family’s personal treasures to create an eclectic, uniquely beautiful tableau. Moreover, arrangement of these items can enrich décor immensely. Pairs remain a standard traditional decorating principle, their symmetry providing a peaceful ambience while groupings of odd numbers epitomize contemporary chic.

Ultimately, the combination of treasured family pieces with delightful purchased items, from scatter cushions to artwork, makes decorating a home with accessories a charming way to reflect the family who lives there.