6 Excellent Home Decorating Ideas

A house is not really a home until residents can stamp it with their personal touch. Decorating a home is an expression of one’s preferences in furniture, accessories, colours and design themes. The best design will create an environment suitable to the residents’ needs.

1. Have a Plan
Decide on a theme based on one’s favourite colour scheme and patterns or based on a design movement. The theme could also borrow from the environment, such as a seaside theme for a waterfront home or nature-inspired elements for a home adjacent to parklands.

2. Pick a Focal Point
The focal point can be a piece of furniture or a decorative item with significant history for the family.It also becomes a conversation piece when entertaining at home. Often, families use personal mementos as focal points.

3. Lighting is Important
Allow natural light in as much as possible. Not only will this save on electrical consumption, it will also make the home appear more cheerful. Incorporate energy-efficient lighting suitable for the room. Track lights and pendant lights are especially useful for introducing a contemporary flair.

4. Scatter Cushions are Decorative and Functional
The beauty of adding scatter cushions in a room is that these items are easy to update to complement the furniture or to serve as accent pieces. In addition, these cushions can be moved easily from one spot to another. Cushions can make a stiff chair more comfortable. These pieces can also be thrown on the floor for additional seating.

5. Proportion is Key
Large pieces will swamp a small room, making it appear even smaller and more cluttered. A room can be decorated to appear cosier using overstuffed furniture. If space is an issue, opt for smaller, multi-tasking furniture such as a coffee table that doubles as a storage bin.

6. Embrace Colour
Fresh paint is an easy way to make a dramatic change in a room. Paint can add pop to a drab room and make the space appear larger and brighter. Experiment with colour schemes to find one suitable for the purpose.

Personal preferences should guide any decorating project. When homeowners are surrounded by things that are special to them in a space that accommodates their lifestyle, then they can truly feel at home.